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      Anime and manga have unique and visually striking art styles that can be fun to recreate using AI art generators like Dall-E 3. The key is crafting descriptive prompts that capture the imagination with vivid details.

      For anime-style digital paintings, you can prompt concepts like “a sci-fi cityscape with flying cars, holograms, and an anime girl with a robot arm looking up in wonder, trending on artstation.”

      Prompt ideas for generating anime art with Dall-E 3:

      A cute anime girl with pink hair eating a cake, digital art

      An epic fight scene between two anime characters shooting fire and lightning at each other, detailed digital painting

      A silly cartoon scene with chibi anime characters playing sports together, vector illustration

      A beautiful anime princess standing in a flowering meadow, delicate watercolor painting

      A badass anime warrior wielding a giant sword standing heroically on a cliff, digital art

      Two anime characters from different shows meeting and shaking hands, crossover fanart, digital painting

      An adorable baby anime dragon sleeping on top of a pile of gold, digital illustration

      A futuristic neon cityscape with flying cars and anime characters, cyberpunk digital art

      A group shot of popular anime villains laughing together, detailed manga illustration

      An anime girl with animal ears and tail holding a glowing magic staff, fantasy digital art

      To generate anime fan art, try prompts like “Sailor Moon and Naruto characters posing together, detailed digital painting.” Crossover fan art mashups can make for eye-catching AI generations.

      For manga-style illustrations, you can prompt things like “a comic panel of a samurai swordsman leaping through the air slashing at an oni demon, intricate manga artwork.” Focusing on action and composition helps.

      Cute chibi anime characters are classic prompts like “a group of super deformed magical girl chibi anime characters hanging out together, cutesy illustration.” Lean into adjectives that capture personality and style.

      Anime landscapes like “a lush forest with a shrine and streams, Ghibli style background art” take inspiration from famous anime movies and studios to influence the aesthetic.

      The key is to provide lots of descriptive details and adjectives about the style, genre, composition, and characters you want to generate. Specifying an art style like “digital painting” or “vector illustration” also helps Dall-E 3 render the image properly.

      Best Dall-E 3 prompts for anime

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