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      The Bentley logo is one of the most recognizable and iconic automotive logos in the world. It consists of a stylized letter “B” enclosed within a set of wings. The logo’s design and history are closely tied to the origins and development of the Bentley brand.

      1. Creation of the Bentley Brand:
          • The Bentley brand was founded by Walter Owen Bentley, known as W.O. Bentley, in 1919 in Cricklewood, London.
          • Bentley initially focused on manufacturing high-performance cars and racing vehicles. 
      2. The First Bentley Logo (1919-1927):
            • The first logo used by Bentley during its early years featured the brand name “Bentley” spelled out in a bold, uppercase serif font.
            • This logo was typically displayed on the radiator grille of Bentley vehicles.
      3. The Bentley Winged “B” Logo (1927-Present):
          • In 1927, a significant change occurred with the introduction of the winged “B” logo.
          • The logo was designed by a friend of W.O. Bentley, Frederick Gordon Crosby, who was also a renowned artist and designer.
          • The new logo featured a stylized capital letter “B” enclosed within a pair of wings.
          • The wings symbolize the brand’s racing heritage, speed, and elegance.
          • The winged “B” logo is typically displayed on the hood ornament, the front grille, and other prominent locations on Bentley vehicles.
          • Over the years, slight modifications have been made to the logo’s design, primarily in terms of refinement and detail.
      4. Evolution of the Winged “B” Logo:
          • In the early years, the wings in the logo were elongated and extended beyond the letter “B.”
          • In 1960, a more streamlined and compact version of the logo was introduced. The wings became shorter and symmetrical, fitting snugly around the letter “B.”
          • The overall shape of the logo was refined and simplified, giving it a more modern and sleek appearance.
          • Since then, the logo has undergone subtle modifications in terms of proportions and minor stylistic adjustments to maintain its relevance and visual appeal.

      The Bentley winged “B” logo has become synonymous with the brand’s luxurious and high-performance vehicles. It represents the heritage, craftsmanship, and refined engineering that Bentley stands for, making it one of the most recognizable automotive logos in the world.

      Bentley Logo history

      Bentley Logo

      This logo is a stylized letter-B with the hawk’s wings sitting proud behind it. This bonnet logo is featured on some of Bentley’s most luxurious and powerful models.

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