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      • Apple Vision Pro is the most ambitious product Apple has ever created, integrating advanced technology into an elegant, compact form.
      • The enclosure is made of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass and an aluminum alloy frame that wraps around your face.
      • The Light Seal flexes to conform to your face, providing a precise fit and blocking out stray light.
      • The Head Band offers cushioning, breathability, and stretch, and the Fit Dial allows precise adjustment to your head.
      • The external battery supports up to 2 hours of use and can last all day when plugged in.
      • Speakers positioned close to your ears deliver rich Spatial Audio while keeping you aware of your surroundings.
      • An outward display reveals your eyes when wearing Vision Pro, indicating app usage or immersion.
      • Vision Pro utilizes a custom aluminum alloy frame and laminated glass as an optical surface for cameras and sensors.
      • visionOS is Apple’s first spatial operating system, enabling powerful spatial experiences and intuitive interactions.
      • Apps in visionOS can fill the space around you, be moved anywhere, scaled, and react to lighting and shadows.
      • Environments in visionOS allow you to transform your surroundings, extending apps beyond the dimensions of the room.
      • Vision Pro helps you stay connected to people around you with EyeSight, revealing your eyes when someone approaches.
      • Spatial experiences on Vision Pro are made possible through groundbreaking Apple technology, including a micro-OLED display system, advanced Spatial Audio, dual-chip design, cameras, and sensors.
      • Eye tracking system using LEDs and infrared cameras enables precise input without controllers.
      • High-resolution cameras provide clear vision of the world around you and assist with head and hand tracking.
      • The dual-chip design of Vision Pro’s M2 and R1 chips enables spatial experiences with efficient performance and real-time views.
      • FaceTime video tiles in Vision Pro are life-size, and apps can be used for collaboration during calls.
      • Vision Pro’s 3D camera allows capturing spatial photos and videos with immersive Spatial Audio.
      • The device enhances entertainment by transforming any room into a personal theater and offering stunning content with Spatial Audio.
      • Vision Pro allows arranging apps anywhere in your space, scaling them, and seamlessly switching between them.
      • You can browse the web, create notes, and chat while staying present in the world around you.


      • Putting on the Vision Pro headset is simple with a knob on the side for comfortable fitting.
      • Controlling the Vision Pro is done with a button above the right goggle to access apps.
      • Open and close apps by looking at them and using finger pinching gestures.
      • Ideal for business purposes, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and video conferencing.
      • The device offers 3D displays, video playback, and the feeling of being in an IMAX theater.
      • Users can still see their surroundings when wearing the headset.
      • The Vision Pro is well-designed and sets a new standard for virtual and augmented reality.
      • The cost of the Vision Pro is $3,500, making it a luxury item and unaffordable for many households.
      • There is a concern that increased use of such technology may deepen screen addictions and impact real-world interactions.

      apple vision pro goggles

      apple vision pro goggles side view

      Vision Pro close up Light Seal view

      Apple Vision Pro interacting

      Inside view of Vision Pro highlighting the LED’s and infrared cameras that enable precision eye-trackingExternal view of Vision Pro highlighting the array of cameras and sensors

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