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      Apple, an innovative company that creates world class products that is used by most of the modern world. One product, the magic mouse has not been upgraded in 13 years. 7 years ago the ditched the AA batteries for a lightning port for charging. That’s all they have done over the years.

      Designer Reid Parsekian wants to make a better Magic Mouse, by giving it a curved display. The smooth display will sit on top of the mouse to make it more usable and appealing to Apple’s pro user-base.

      Apple magic mouse concept

      The magic mouse will have a 5.2″ curved OLED display that pairs with your MacBook, Mac, or iMac and will work like a standard mouse. Once paired, the display on the mouse changes into a purpose-driven external screen, for previews, control centers, and other digital elements.

      Reid Parsekian apple magic mouse concept design

      The Magic Mouse Touch is not a 100% touch-sensitive surface. Only the top half allows tou to click, double click, swipe, while the bottom half allows you to rest your palm. Swiping from the top brings up the paired device’s control center and you could use the mouse as a notification center.

      apple magic mouse concept design click

      This new mouse unlocks so much more usefulness and productivity, allowing you to remotely trigger apps and software, scribble notes/emojis or even sign documents. You can even use it as a powerful shortcut and editing accessory for your workflow.

      apple magic mouse concept drawing

      Use the new apple magic mouse concept as a Photoshop aid. Switch between tools effortlessly and quickly.

      At 0.85 inches in height, the battery remains unchanged, and the battery now has to power a 5.2″ 288ppi display. That will drain battery. From the concept design, Parsekian has not moved the charging port or changed it to USB-C.

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