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      Ahrefs is a SEO tool, that allows you to check out statistics on any website, like backlinks, authority, page structure etc. You can do a full site audit, analyse your site competitors, do keyword research and more. All these come at a steep monthly cost, so when I need to check backlinks I just use the free backlink checker.

      Before, it showed you a limited number (a lot) of backlinks (fine as free tool) along with their follow or nofollow status (very helpful as a free tool). The DA score was also fairly accurate. Now when I check for backlinks, the DA score jumps around numbers, and I don’t know what to believe. The backlinks displayed don’t show the follow or nofollow status, so make the link checking process a little meaningless (now used as a DA comparison tool against other SEO tools).

      Have tried SEMRush, an excellent tool, but they offer a small list of around 10 links for free. You can only use SEMRush so much in one day before it blocks you and shows you a sign up popup box for a plan (steepish prices).

      Can’t justify the prices as a beginner SEO playing around.

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