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      Adobe XD (for me a beginner) is the best vector design tool for creating / designing your mobile apps and websites. It is very easy to learn and you could be designing and creating your websites and iOS/ Android apps within a few days. There are so many tutorials on Youtube that teach you Adobe XD.

      Everything is displayed and arranged well. You will have no problem with the panels to the right, left and top. You can even have plugins that make life easier. Plugins that can generate filler text, add faces to your profile icons, add designs (like taxi image in app screen below) and more. You can add collaborators, send your clients a version where they can give feedback and more. Test your app out on your smartphone, see it in different sizes, and test it out yourself in XD. You can wireframe and prototype in Adobe XD.

      Adobe XD is very beginner friendly and its completely FREE.

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      1. User-friendly interface: Clean, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible to both experienced and new designers.
      2. Prototyping: Allows for quick prototyping of user experiences and interfaces, enabling designers to see how their designs will function in real-time.
      3. Integration with other Adobe products: Integrates with other Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, which makes it easy to switch between design tools and maintain a consistent workflow.
      4. Design specs and collaboration: Allows designers to share design specs and collaborate with developers and stakeholders in real-time.
      5. Cross-platform compatibility: Is available on both Windows and Mac platforms and has mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it a versatile solution for designers.
      6. Accessibility: Adobe XD includes accessibility features and integrations that help designers ensure their designs are accessible to all users.
      1. Limited Design Features: Limited design features compared to other Adobe software such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It may not be suitable for complex designs and illustrations.
      2. No Export to HTML: Does not have the capability to export designs to HTML, which can be frustrating for designers who want to quickly see their designs on the web.
      3. Lack of Plugins: Unlike other Adobe products,  XD does not have a large library of plugins, limiting its versatility and usefulness for some users.
      4. Limited Interactivity: Not as strong in creating interactive prototypes compared to other tools such as InVision or Sketch.
      5. Learning Curve: There is some learning curve for Adobe XD. It takes some time to become familiar with its tools and features. You can pick it up easily with a few TouTube tutorials.
      6. Relatively New: Relatively new product and may still have bugs and glitches that need to be worked out. Additionally, it may not have all the features that experienced designers are looking for.
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