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    Starling Bank – Not only a great bank but a great app.

    The app is very easy to use and very simple. Your home page shows you your money and how much you have spend. A simple swipe left shows you which category you have spent your money in, ex. £320 on transport. If you swipe up it shows you your individual transactions under each day. A spending page shows you a bar chart of how much you have spent in total each week of the month, with a spending breakdown below. Easily send money and check your card details and controls. Freeze unfreeze cards, get pin reminders, replace card and more. Create saving spaces and get separate connected cards (cards linked to those spaces, so you can spend from those spaces), invest your money, or get cards for your children easily. During the festive period there is an update where on the homepage if you shake your phone it starts to snow in the centre circle, a nice little touch.

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