Xiaomi’s SU7: The Electric Shock to Apple’s Car Dreams

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      You know how it goes in the tech world – Apple casually drops a hint about building something, and suddenly, the entire industry rallies to bring that vision to life. Remember when they whispered about a fashion-focused wearable? Next thing you know, Samsung’s rushing to launch their Galaxy Watch. Or when Apple gave a nod to AR/VR being the future, and Facebook did a whole rebrand to Meta just to get in on that action. Now, after years of Apple Car rumors and leaks, guess who’s stealing the thunder? Xiaomi, yes, the smartphone maestros, just announced their first electric vehicle, the SU7.

      Xiaomi's SU7: The Electric Shock to Apple's Car Dreams

      Picture this: Apple hasn’t even officially said a word, but Xiaomi’s already flashing images of their new ride. Who spilled the beans? China’s government regulatory agency, that’s who. They’ve spilled the technical deets on Xiaomi’s EV venture, and it’s not even out yet. Classic tech world move, right?

      Xiaomi's SU7: The Electric Shock to Apple's Car Dreams

      But let’s rewind a bit. Xiaomi’s no stranger to electric rides. They’ve dabbled in electric scooters under their Mijia sub-brand. I mean, these guys are all about making everything, and their name literally means ‘little rice’ – a nod to starting small and working your way to the top, Buddha style.

      Xiaomi's SU7: The Electric Shock to Apple's Car Dreams

      Now, let’s meet the SU7, Xiaomi’s electric chariot. They’re not handling the manufacturing themselves; that honor goes to Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (BAIC), a state-owned player in the Chinese auto game. It’s a smart move, a bit like getting your skilled friend to help build your epic treehouse.

      Looks-wise, the SU7 is eyeing a showdown with Tesla’s Model S. It’s got the length, the 118″ wheelbase, and that fastback roofline – but with a twist, a faux-hatch trunk. Playing it cool, Xiaomi. Just like the Model S, but with a little extra flair.

      Xiaomi's SU7: The Electric Shock to Apple's Car Dreams

      Under the hood, or should I say batteries, it’s coming in hot with multiple variants. There’s a single-motor rear-wheel-drive beast pushing out 295 horses, and then there’s the dual-motor all-wheel-drive monster with a whopping 663 horsepower. They’re playing the battery game too – one with nickel manganese cobalt, the other with lithium iron phosphate. Oh, and the big shot? A 100kWh battery and an 800-Volt setup. Fancy, right?

      And here’s the kicker – some of these bad boys will be rocking a lidar array on the roof. That means serious driver assistance and maybe even a taste of autonomy. Xiaomi’s not just building a car; they’re building the future, or at least that’s the plan.

      But hold on, there’s more. Xiaomi’s not stopping at just a luxury EV. The SU7 is set to flaunt Xiaomi’s in-house software, potentially hooking up with their massive ecosystem of gadgets and services. It’s like your car becoming best friends with your smart home devices – ambitious much?

      Surprisingly, Xiaomi’s not the first tech giant to roll into the EV scene. Remember Sony with the Mission S back in 2020? That was more of a flex, a proof of concept. But Xiaomi’s SU7 is getting the green light from the Chinese government. It’s not just a concept; it’s hitting the streets. Global stage, you ask? Well, Xiaomi’s got a solid grip on Asia and Europe, especially in the budget realm. Luxury EV market domination might be a stretch, but who knows? The SU7 could be the game-changer that sparks a tech car revolution. Stay tuned – it’s one hell of a ride in the world of tech and wheels.

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