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      Here is a story of true craftsmanship, determination, and some good old-fashioned patience. It’s not often we get to witness the creation of a vehicle that defies the norm, but here’s one that’s more wooden than a Shakespearean play!

      You see, unlike Elon Musk, who seems to have a thing for delaying his Tesla projects, we have a dynamic duo, a father and son, who decided to take matters into their own hands and build a fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck from the ground up. And the best part? They managed to pull this off in just 100 days!

      Wooden Cybertruck: The 100-Day Marvel

      Now, before you start scratching your heads in disbelief, let me tell you that this wooden masterpiece isn’t just some random DIY project. Oh no, it’s meant for none other than Elon Musk himself! But until he decides to come knocking at their workshop door, these two gents are taking the wooden Cybertruck for a spin.

      The process of creating this engineering marvel is something to behold. The father, the resident handyman and the brains behind their woodworking channel, ND – Woodworking Art, starts with a metal frame. He expertly solders and assembles it into the beginnings of what’s destined to be the iconic Tesla Cybertruck.

      Wooden Cybertruck: The 100-Day Marvel

      Then come the wheels, and the tires, and the wooden framing that gives the vehicle its shape. It’s like watching a phoenix rise from its ashes, but in this case, it’s a Cybertruck rising from a pile of wood.

      Slabs of wood are carefully pieced together to match the metal frame, creating a meticulously detailed interior. The dark-polished wood inside is assembled like an intricate puzzle, while the outside showcases a lighter-shaded wood, clearly marking this Cybertruck as a unique wooden creation. And trust me, folks, it may look effortless on camera, but the sheer amount of cutting, trimming, and fitting involved here is no walk in the park.

      Wooden Cybertruck: The 100-Day Marvel

      As they say, the devil is in the details, and this father-son duo doesn’t miss a beat. They tackle the wheels next, hand-carving wooden rims and detailing the spokes. And as they dig into some junk food (because even master craftsmen need to refuel), they start fitting the wooden doors into place. Soon enough, they’re fashioning bucket-style seats out of wood and taking the Cybertruck to a level of customization that’d make Elon Musk raise an eyebrow.

      But it doesn’t stop there. They keep trimming, cutting, and polishing, until they reach the pièce de résistance – the steering wheel, which looks like it’s been plucked straight from an arcade racing game. When everything’s set, they kick things up a notch by installing the lighting, reaching that extra mile of excellence that could rival even Tesla’s best.

      For their wooden Cybertruck, the father installs a dazzling LED light strip at the front, akin to what we expect from Elon’s upcoming model. And here’s the kicker: as a final nod to the man himself, they’ve chiseled a giant ‘X’ into the wood, painted it with a radiant white coating, so it glows, even in broad daylight. It’s safe to say; they’ve certainly got Elon’s attention with this unique homage.

      And just when you thought this adventure couldn’t get any wilder, they decide to take their fully functional wooden Tesla Cybertruck out for a spin. Yes, you heard me right. The wooden wonder hits the road, proving it’s not just a piece of art but a genuine vehicle.

      But wait, there’s more. As a bonus, the father crafts a wooden Cyberquad to complement the Cybertruck – both fully functional, mind you. They’ve put in the blood, sweat, and sawdust, creating everything from scratch in just 100 days, with most of the heavy lifting done by the father.

      Wooden Cybertruck: The 100-Day Marvel

      In the video description, the father pens a heartfelt message to Elon Musk, expressing his unwavering faith in Tesla’s vision and capabilities. He hopes to gift this wooden marvel to Tesla, and he sends his best wishes for the company’s continued success on the global stage.

      Meanwhile, Elon Musk keeps pushing back the delivery of his real Tesla Cybertruck, now aiming for November 2023. But hey, at least he’s got a wooden one to keep him company while he’s fine-tuning the real deal. So there you have it, a wooden Tesla Cybertruck, built with love and dedication, because sometimes, you just have to make your dreams come true, even if they’re made of wood!

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