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      These Steam Decks has some design flaws like being too big, but overall they look good. I am thinking of getting one but do not know too much about them. I have heard great reviews about them and cool features like just hitting the power button when you have had enough play time and when you next power up you’re back where you left off. The battery life is great and lasting while playing. They say its like a handheld PC, you can connect it to a monitor and use it like a windows PC or laptop. You can even use an external controller while your steam deck is connected to a monitor. They say the Steam Deck’s visual output is comparable to a PS4, and the console is capable of running more games at 60 frames per second. You can get Xbox cloud on there, emulators and more but does the steam deck come with pre-installed games? Do you buy them from an online store? Free downloads?

      steam deck handheld console design

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