Vollebak’s Solar Charged Hat: Illuminating Fashion Innovation

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      What if fashion technology receives an early holiday gift in the form of an insulated puffer or jacket hat that stores sunlight, glows in the dark, and can light up like fireflies at night just by using a flashlight or a smartphone’s torch? It is no longer an inquiry but a real product from Vollebak. The brand’s new addition to its fashion collection that literally shines comes in the form of a light-absorbing hat. It now sits beside its solar-charged jacket sibling, which can make the wearer glow like kryptonite in the dark.

      Vollebak's Solar Charged Hat: Illuminating Fashion Innovation

      Innovative Light-Absorbing Design

      Dubbed the Solar Charged Hat, Vollebak’s head covering is made from a highly reactive material, so much so that it immediately glows in the dark when someone points a light source at it. Whether the wearer is using a smartphone torch or a regular flashlight, they can easily write on the insulated hat as if it were a blackboard, with their source of light acting as their chalk. It is engineered with a three-layered material that’s water and wind-resistant, designed to keep the wearer warm in extreme cold, and with an ultra-soft fleece lining and insulation. It also comes with adjustable storm flaps reinforced with Cordura panels.

      Vollebak's Solar Charged Hat: Illuminating Fashion Innovation

      Phosphorescent Technology

      The core technology that enables the Solar Charged Hat to glow is in the second layer, which is an ultra-thin membrane just below the hat’s outer surface. Basically, a phosphorescent compound is sewn in which helps the hat quickly store any light it comes into contact with and re-emit it slowly over time. This thin and soft membrane in the head covering absorbs sunlight like a plant. Since the phosphorescence is engineered into the membrane itself, it becomes part of the fabric, so it can’t wash out or rub off.

      Vollebak's Solar Charged Hat: Illuminating Fashion Innovation

      Purpose and Functionality

      In case the wearer has watched too many crime and investigative movies, they might find the Solar Charged Hat beneficial for their excursion trips. If they get lost in the woods at night with no light source available at hand, Vollebak’s glow-in-the-dark insulated hat emits lighting that’s easily seen and tracked either from a distance or from above. Among the tall trees and in the darkest of places, the Solar Charged Hat stands out. But even without a source of light at hand, the insulated head covering can glow on its own, as long as the wearer gets it fully charged during the day.The logic behind the Solar Charged Hat is that the brighter the source it is charged with, and the longer it is charged or exposed to a source of light, the more energy it will absorb, and the longer and brighter it will glow. Over the next few hours or minutes, depending on how much it is charged, Vollebak’s Solar Charged Hat will go through several phases as it fades from a radioactive-looking green, right down to a ghostly green, whose color and glow are retained for up to 12 hours.

      The Solar Charged Hat is part of the Solar Charged collection from Vollebak, all of which glow in the dark when charged or exposed to a source of light during the day. The Solar Charged Puffer and Jacket came first, and they can now be acquired in white edition too. With the hat entering the scene, the fashion ensemble is completed, but who knows what Vollebak has in store for its fans.

      Vollebak's Solar Charged Hat: Illuminating Fashion Innovation

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