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      Reviving the spirit of adventure that once graced the pages of classic bike magazines, we pay homage to a remarkable achievement in space exploration – the triumphant landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon’s southern pole. From the heart of Indian innovation springs forth a marvel that fuses two realms, as Ultraviolette, a pioneering electric mobility startup, proudly introduces the F77 Space Edition. This limited-edition variant, an echo of their beloved electric sportsbike, salutes not only the relentless spirit of India but also its technological prowess.

      Ultraviolette Space F77 Bike

      Ultraviolette Space Edition F77 Bike

      In a revelation that sparks awe but not surprise, Ultraviolette’s infatuation with all things aerospace materializes once again. The very DNA of their flagship electric sportsbike draws inspiration from the fierce elegance of fighter jets, a lineage continued by the F77 Space Edition – a manifestation of their aeronautic passion that soars beyond the stratosphere. Bathed in the resplendent hues of white and orange, the F77 Space Edition boasts a frame hewn from aerospace-grade aluminum, its surface adorned with the same paint that coats spacecraft. It’s not merely a motorcycle; it’s a conduit to the cosmos.

      F77 Space Edition

      Engaging not just the roads but the skies within our imagination, the F77 Space Edition presents a style like that of an aircraft. With real-time feedback on Roll, Pitch, and Yaw, it transforms the rider into a pilot, dissolving the line between tarmac and firmament.

      Crafted to perfection, the F77 Special Edition emerges as an embodiment of electric motorcycle artistry, with a mere ten units destined for creation. Its power stands as a testament to innovation – a peak performance of 40.5 horsepower, an astonishing 100 Nm of torque, and a revolutionary range of 307 kilometers tailored for Indian roads. The sprint from 0 to 60 km/h is a fleeting 2.9 seconds, while a top speed of 157 km/h (97.7 mph) propels this e-sportsbike into the celestial theater.

      Beyond numbers, it’s the F77’s frame that casts an enchanting spell. An icon of distinction, it doesn’t just set new standards within the Indian market but erects a global benchmark. Its posture, fierce and assertive, evokes imagery of a jet suspended in flight. Constructed with the precision of aviation engineering, each element embodies an unwavering commitment to function. A component devoid of purpose finds no haven here, echoing the ethos of aircraft design. With 99.9% reliability and predictability etched into every facet, the F77 embodies the unyielding spirit of fighter jets.

      Ascending further, the Space Edition takes center stage, paying homage to India’s cosmic aspirations. Draped in a bespoke machined 7075 aluminum alloy fairing and components, it channels the lightweight strength of aerospace engineering. This alloy, revered for its unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, finds kinship with aircraft structures and military applications. A connection to the skies has never been more tangible.

      The F77 Space Edition’s cockpit undergoes a transformative evolution, housing avionics that mirror those of an aircraft. Fail-safe systems oversee the battery, while a 9-axis IMU meticulously tracks Roll, Pitch, and Yaw – a symphony of control that elevates the riding experience to new celestial heights.

      F77 Space Edition

      The visage of the F77 Space Edition is wrapped in a veneer reminiscent of aircrafts, utilizing the very paints that endure the harsh rigors of flight. Engineered for resolute endurance, this coating wards off corrosion, resists UV and fading, and defies the elements with chemical resilience. Its smooth veneer not only graces the eye but also dances with the wind, reducing drag and amplifying efficiency.

      With the cosmos as its backdrop, the F77 Space Edition unfurls its splendor in alignment with ISRO’s lunar triumph. A rarity with a quantity of only ten, its journey commences at a starting price of ₹560,000 rupees ($6780 USD). As of August 22 at 6 PM IST, the celestial steed can be claimed through bookings on the official Ultraviolette website.

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