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      1. Powerful Motor and Operating System: The The Tero X is equipped with the Specialized Full Power 2.0E motor, providing seamless performance. It has been tested to withstand rugged terrain and harsh conditions, ensuring a high-quality riding experience. The Turbo Operating System seamlessly integrates custom software and hardware, allowing riders to go beyond the map with extended range and ride time. The MasterMind display offers tunability and integrates with the Mission Control app, providing over-the-air updates, range optimization tools, tuning options, on-ride diagnostics, and more.
      2. Smooth Riding Experience: Features ample front and rear suspension, which helps smooth out rough terrain, making it easier and more comfortable to explore challenging routes. The performance-oriented upright riding position, Ground Control tires, and a dropper seatpost further enhance the bike’s confidence and control.
      3. Versatile Adventure Companion: Designed to carry everything you need for your adventures. It comes equipped with powerful front and rear lights (up to 1,000 lumens in the headlight and 22 lumens in the rear light) for visibility in low-light conditions. Additionally, the bike has an integrated rear rack that can carry up to 20kg of adventure gear and an extra front rack that provides an additional 10kg of on-bike storage capacity.
      4. Motor and Battery: Powered by the Specialized Full Power 2.0E Motor, delivering 50Nm of torque. It is supported by a 530Wh battery, providing long-lasting pedal assistance.
      5. Customizable Power Output: The Mission Control App and MasterMind display allow riders to customize the bike’s power output levels to suit their preferred riding style.
      6. Suspension and Control: The bike features 130mm of full suspension with a lock-out equipped RockShox Recon Silver RL fork and a RockShox Deluxe Select R shock, ensuring confidence, comfort, and control during the ride. The dropper seatpost adds further control during rough sections and makes it easier to touch the ground when stopping.
      7. Durability and Functionality: Equipped with DRYTECH stainless steel fenders to keep you fresh regardless of the adventure. The Ground Control Grid T7 tires offer excellent traction for all types of terrain. The rear rack has side pannier rails, allowing for a carrying capacity of 20kg, and it is compatible with the Front Rack and Adventure Plate, providing an additional 10kg of capacity.
      8. Wheel Configuration: Has a front and rear wheel combination of 29/27.5 inches (mullet setup) for optimal ride control in all sizes except the S. The S size features a 27.5/27.5 front and rear wheel combination.

      A versatile and powerful electric bike designed to take on rough terrains and adventurers.

      Charger: Custom charger, 42V4A w/ Rosenberger plug, 100-240V

      Wiring Harness: Custom wire harness

      UI/Remote: MasterMind TCD, w/handlebar remote, built-in anti-theft feature, Bluetooth® connectivity, customizable display pages

      Motor: Specialized 2.0E, 50Nm torque, custom tuned motor, 250W nominal

      Battery: Specialized U2-530, alloy casing, state of charge display, 530Wh

      Turbo Tero X 4.0

      Turbo Tero X 4.0 | Silver

      Turbo Tero X 4.0 | side view

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