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    Are there any good maths watches available out there? I know you have the Casio calculator watches and that kind of stuff. But what about a maths watch that will do a little more than basic calculations like logarithms and similar.

    Some math watches have features like graphing capabilities, financial and scientific calculations, and programming capabilities, making them useful for a wide range of mathematical and computational tasks.

    Advanced mathematical functions and features that some watches have:

    • Graphing: Some have the ability to graph equations, allowing users to visualize and understand mathematical concepts more easily.
    • Scientific and financial calculations: Many math watches have built-in scientific and financial functions, such as logarithms, trigonometry, and financial calculations like loan and mortgage payments.
    • Programming: Some watches have basic programming capabilities, allowing users to write and run programs on the watch.
    • Display: They often have large, high-resolution displays that make it easier to view and interpret mathematical data and results.

    Do you guys know of any good math watches?

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