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    I love the look of the Super 73 electric bike, it looks so retro and has a 1960/70 look about it. It weighs 73 pounds, has top speeds of 28mph and has a max power of 1,200-W. There are four levels of electric assist and the big 960-watt-hour battery offers a range of 75 miles, or 40 miles on throttle-only at 20 miles per hour.

    Design features of Super 73 bikes:

    1. Fat Tires: Super 73 bikes have big, wide tires that are great for riding on sand, gravel, or other uneven terrain.
    2. Step-Through Frame: The step-through frame design makes it easy for riders to get on and off the bike.
    3. Retro Headlight: Features a large, circular headlight that gives the bike a retro look.
    4. Leather Accents: Many Super 73 bikes feature leather accents on the seat, handlebars, and other areas of the bike.
    5. Simplistic Controls: Simple controls that are easy to use, including a twist-grip throttle and a pedal assist system.
    6. Minimalist Design: Have a minimalist design with clean lines and a simple color scheme.

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