Safdie’s Timeless Ode: Artistry in Motion

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      Indulge in the captivating allure of Moshe Safdie’s “Ode to Delaunay” timepiece – a masterpiece designed for Projects Watches that transcends conventional watchmaking. This horological gem pays homage to the dynamic world of Orphic Cubism, drawing inspiration from the renowned French artist Robert Delaunay. Safdie, celebrated for his architectural brilliance, seamlessly melds abstract geometric art with timekeeping functionality in a wristwatch that is as much a visual spectacle as it is a precise instrument.

      Safdie's Timeless Ode: Artistry in Motion

      In a symphony of color and form, the “Ode to Delaunay” mirrors Safdie’s architectural sensibilities, mirroring Delaunay’s 1938 masterpiece, “Rythme n°1.” The watch’s design unfolds as a composition of three vibrant, spinning discs – a living canvas on your wrist, interpreting hours, minutes, and seconds with each revolution. The open holes strategically cut into these discs echo Delaunay’s circular geometries, offering a unique and mesmerizing perspective on the passage of time.

      Designed by Moshe Safdie for Projects Watches, this watch beckons you into a trance, much like Delaunay’s hypnotic paintings. Unlike traditional timepieces that adhere to a form-follows-function mantra, the “Ode to Delaunay” boldly marries function and art. The result is a face adorned with dynamic motion, leaving no blank spaces in its visually rich composition – a stark departure from the ordinary, ensuring an ever-exciting experience each time you glance at your wrist.

      Safdie's Timeless Ode: Artistry in Motion

      A paradigm of minimalist elegance and contemporary design, the watch boasts a black stainless steel case with a 40mm diameter – a perfect equilibrium between audacity and subtlety. The black leather band complements the watch’s overall aesthetic, lending it versatility for various occasions. Its water-resistant feature not only adds a practical edge but enhances the artistic allure, making it a resilient companion for the discerning wearer.

      Safdie's Timeless Ode: Artistry in Motion

      Behind this inventive timepiece stands Moshe Safdie, a luminary in the realms of Israeli-Canadian-American architecture. With a career spanning six decades, Safdie is synonymous with socially responsible and human-centric design. From the iconic Habitat ’67 to the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, his structures are not mere edifices but narratives etched in concrete, glass, and steel. The “Ode to Delaunay” reflects Safdie’s commitment to creating spaces that elevate human experience and interaction, encapsulating a timeless blend of artistry and functionality.

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