Ressence’s TYPE 1° Round M Watch: A Symphony of Colors & Precision

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      In a bold departure from convention, Ressence introduces the TYPE 1° Round M timepiece, an artful fusion of sleek design and a vibrant spectrum of hues adorning its polychromatic dial. The mesmerizing multicolor watch discs gracefully encapsulate the hours, minutes, and seconds, creating a dynamic interplay of contrasts that elevates the essence of time itself. This innovative creation features complementary red, blue, yellow, and green accents on the Hour, Minute, Second, and Weekday discs, tastefully juxtaposed against the soft backdrop of a light gray dial, enhancing readability and making time-telling an immersive experience.

      Ressence's TYPE 1° Round M Watch: A Symphony of Colors & Precision

      Extending the frontiers of color within the Ressence portfolio, the TYPE 1° Round M watch seamlessly integrates its signature minimalist design with white straps and a steel rear. This intentional continuity allows the burst of colors on the dial to take center stage, forging a perfect harmony between form, color, and material. The latest addition to the TYPE 1 Round collection effortlessly marries gentle primary colors with the rounded, tactile design of the case, delivering a visual spectacle reminiscent of an art exhibition.

      Benoît Mintiens, the visionary founder of Ressence, shared insights in an exclusive interview, expressing how the TYPE 1° Round Multicolor watch represents a foray into the realm of colors. “This watch embodies the principle of a functional color palette, combining soft hues to create a visually pleasing and practical timepiece. I have long wanted to bring a colorful watch to the core collection. With this new piece, owners are sure to make a strong and distinctive impression,” he remarked. The watch boasts impressive specifications, including 40 jewels, 27 gears, 28,800 vibrations per hour, and a 36-hour power reserve.

      Ressence's TYPE 1° Round M Watch: A Symphony of Colors & Precision

      Beyond the captivating multicolor watch discs, the dial’s numbers and indexes adopt a pristine white, while the hands elegantly embrace a gray hue with colored tips, seamlessly integrating the red, blue, yellow, and green splashes of color. The self-winding feature ensures that the TYPE 1° Round M watch is continuously powered, aligning with the brand’s commitment to precision. Notably, the absence of a crown contributes to the watch’s refined and exacting appearance when viewed from a distance. Anticipated to be available worldwide later this year through Ressence’s official retailer network, the TYPE 1° M watch promises to be a wearable masterpiece, effortlessly transcending the boundaries of conventional timekeeping.

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