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      Meta, in collaboration with Ray-Ban, has unveiled the latest iteration of its smart eyewear today, marking a departure from the 2021 Stories smart glasses and introducing the more appealingly named “Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.” It’s worth noting that the company is avoiding the label “successor” for this version, possibly in response to the lukewarm reception from the tech community towards their predecessors.

      Nevertheless, these new smart glasses come equipped with built-in speakers and a quintet of microphones, enhancing their functionality for making calls and seamlessly interacting with voice assistants. Meta is positioning these as an everyday wearable, allowing users to capture photos and videos from their unique perspective—an intriguing prospect, to say the least.

      Unveiled during the Connect event, these smart glasses boast significant hardware upgrades over the Stories smart glasses. Notably, they feature a 12MP wide-angle camera capable of recording videos at 1080p/60fps and a generous 32GB of on-board storage. The resulting photos and videos exhibit noticeably improved clarity, ensuring you’ll shine on social media. Additionally, users can opt to live-stream their recorded videos to Facebook or Instagram via a nearby paired device, although the video quality may degrade if internet connectivity is less than optimal.

      Meta claims that the new open-back speakers are 50 percent louder and produce less sound leakage, allowing for more discreet conversations. The bass packs a punch, and the vocals are remarkably crisp, complemented by spatial audio for an enhanced listening experience. The design has also received a makeover, with slimmer arms and a larger, user-friendly touchpad. Intuitive tap and swipe gestures enable seamless control of volume levels and video recording, making these smart glasses exceptionally user-friendly.

      What sets the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses apart further is their impressive battery life of up to 36 hours when stored in their accompanying case. This feature catapults them ahead of many competitors in the market, transforming them from a mere concept into a practical, functional device that fulfills its intended purpose.

      For those interested, these smart glasses are available for pre-order in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, starting at a price of $299. Buyers have the option to upgrade to polarized lenses for $329 or transition lenses for $379. The official sale of these stylish smart glasses, offered in a range of cool colors, will commence on October 17.

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