Pininfarina’s Oksýs: Automotive Elegance Meets Home

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      Italian design house Pininfarina, famous for its collaboration with Ferrari, has revealed its first collectible furniture piece – the Oksýs chaise longue. This unique creation combines the firm’s automotive design legacy with the functionality of a high-end chaise longue. The Oksýs, a limited-edition statement piece, aligns with Pininfarina’s recent forays into branded residential projects, showcasing the studio’s core design principles of aesthetic and technical innovation.

      Pininfarina's Oksýs: Automotive Elegance Meets Home

      The Oksýs chaise longue, designed by Pininfarina, is a blend of contrasting elements. The upper part, with its sleek, ergonomic lines, resembles the design of a Pininfarina sports car. Crafted for comfort, it has a reflective finish that beckons to be touched. In contrast, the lower section resembles a rugged, crystal-like rock, providing a sense of stability.

      Pininfarina's Oksýs: Automotive Elegance Meets Home

      Marco Becucci, the in-house architect, describes Oksýs as smooth and light-reflecting from above, with an inviting upper part and a textured lower section resembling an untouched rock.

      The design and development of Oksýs followed Pininfarina’s approach to creating high-performance cars. From sketches to ergonomic testing and computer-aided modeling, the process included crafting physical models using CNC milling to achieve its intricate form.

      Pininfarina's Oksýs: Automotive Elegance Meets Home

      The prototype, unveiled at Milan Design Week, was made from polyurethane and finished with a shiny epoxy resin, creating a metallic effect. Pininfarina plans to produce future versions entirely in steel or aluminum, solidifying its automotive connection. Only three Oksýs chaise longues will be made, exclusively available through the Rossana Orlandi gallery.

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