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      Midjourney can envision creative t-shirt graphics and prints when provided with prompts suggesting composition, style, fonts, illustrations, and other shirt-specific details. Describing the tone and layout helps Midjourney tailor the image to apparel.

      Effective tips for generating t-shirt graphic designs with Midjourney AI:

      • Specify it’s for a t-shirt graphic vs general illustration so the composition fits.


      • Request a front chest design, full bleed, back design, sleeve print, etc.


      • Suggest a style – vintage, minimalist, cartoon, collage, abstract, typography focused.


      • Describe any graphics, illustrations, icons, textures, patterns to include.


      • For text, indicate font style and if you want the brand name, phrase, quote etc.


      • Provide color scheme and combinations that work for apparel.


      • Use keywords like slogan, retro, edgy, typography, to set the tone.


      • Indicate if it’s for men, women, youth, concert merch, cause-related, etc.


      • Request appropriate file export like PNG, vector, transparent background.


      Some examples:

      “Edgy typography graphic tee design, dark colors and textures, brand name across chest.”

      “Vintage national park graphic with retro camper and mountains in 70s style illustration.”

      Psychedelic wolf portrait in bright neon colors, howling face graphic tee

      Hand-drawn flower wreath surrounding brand name in delicate script, pastel feminine tee

      Retro sunset beach scene with palm trees in 80s style, full bleed photo across shirt

      Vector city skyline abstract graphic in black and midnight blues, front chest placement

      Badge-style vintage national park tee with camper illustration, retro color palette

      Bold quote in modern sans serif font, inspiring phrase on plain white pocket tee

      Cartoon narwhal character with rainbow tusks, fun whimsical illustration, kids shirt

      With details about style, placement, text, and purpose, Midjourney can generate tailored t-shirt design images that translate beautifully into actual apparel.

      Most creative Midjourney prompts for T-Shirt design

      Most creative Midjourney prompts for T-Shirt design

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