Lürssen’s Magnificent PHOENIX 2 Sets Sail for Monaco Yacht Show 2023

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      As the glimmering Mediterranean waters welcome the illustrious Monaco Yacht Show 2023, the resplendent PHOENIX 2 yacht, a Lürssen masterpiece, takes center stage. Initially christened in 2010, this 90-meter marvel underwent a transformative rejuvenation in 2019, emerging as a veritable embodiment of opulence. Now, as it graces the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, the PHOENIX 2 yacht exudes the spirit of Art Deco, evoking the allure of New York City’s Manhattan. From its Great Gatsby-inspired interiors to the lavish velvets, checkerboard motifs, and skyline-inspired designs, every facet pays homage to the urban grandeur of the Big Apple.

      Lürssen's Magnificent PHOENIX 2 Sets Sail for Monaco Yacht Show 2023

      Renowned designer Andrew Winch, the creative force behind Winch Design, lent his artistry to both the interior and exterior of the PHOENIX 2 yacht. His visionary ethos seamlessly resurrects the Art Deco era, imprinting it upon the yacht’s capacious interior and exterior realms, even gracing multiple decks. The astutely maximized spaces afford the PHOENIX 2 yacht a repertoire that includes a private cinema, a dedicated spa and gymnasium, a sumptuous beauty salon, a chic beach club, and even a discreetly elegant elevator, all harmoniously integrated into the bespoke redesign of this Lürssen-crafted masterpiece.

      Lürssen's Magnificent PHOENIX 2 Sets Sail for Monaco Yacht Show 2023

      Art Deco Splendor, Akin to New York’s Manhattan

      cecil wright phoenix 2 monaco yacht show

      Cecil Wright proudly presents the Lürssen Yachts-built PHOENIX 2, poised to captivate at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, spanning the dates from September 27th to 30th. This luxurious vessel offers private sanctuaries for up to 14 privileged guests within its seven exquisitely appointed cabins, each meticulously styled and designed by the visionary team at Winch Design. Its formidable hull is forged from steel, while its superstructure is elegantly swathed in aluminum. A tactile embrace of teakwood greets all who step aboard, gracing the decks with its warm presence. Inside, the yacht’s grandeur unfolds through crystal chandeliers, opulent marble appointments, and an ambiance reminiscent of the sophisticated jazz clubs that come alive in the nocturnal heart of Manhattan.

      cecil wright phoenix 2 monaco yacht show interior bathroom

      Stepping out onto the expansive decks offers a respite from the grandeur within, yet luxury remains an ever-present companion. Light-brown wood and neutral-toned furnishings evoke a refined coastal lifestyle. A cocooning sofa envelops a jacuzzi on the viewing deck, while an open-air lounge beckons passengers to revel in unobstructed vistas of the surrounding seascape. For the aficionados of nautical specifications, the Cecil Wright PHOENIX 2 yacht boasts a cruising speed of up to 18 knots, with an impressive range of 4,700 nautical miles, a testament to both form and function.


      In the grand tapestry of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, the PHOENIX 2 yacht stands as a beacon of timeless elegance, seamlessly weaving the heritage of Art Deco with the allure of the open seas. As the world gathers to behold this masterpiece, the spirit of luxury and sophistication reigns supreme.

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