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      The Lamborghini Huracan – A beautiful compact supercar that looks aggressive and fast.

      I love the design of this thing. The shape of the headlights on that sloping bonnet with the definition lines make the car look aggressive, you would be startled to see one of these in your rear view mirror. This car screams supercar.

      black lamborghini huracan supercar

      They say you are someone when your drive a Lamborghini.

      Ferrari F8 Tributo is the nicest car of the Ferrari line up, in my opinion, with the Roma coming in close. The F8 Tributo has some 458 design characteristics like the long sweeping headlights running up the sides of the car. The sides have been raised and the bonnet indented with a sleek bumper making the car look sporty and mean. I like the side vents to let air flow through when driving, it keeps the car stable. I really like the look of this Ferrari and how it relates to one of the best Ferraris of all time, the 458.

      Red Ferrari F8 Tributo supercar

      They say you drive a Ferrari when you want to be someone.

      I have been a Ferrari lover always but I would choose the Huracan over these new Ferrari models.

      What do you think?


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