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      Brace yourselves for an electrifying adventure as we delve into the world of Kia’s futuristic lineup. We had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with the robust 2024 Kia EV9 at a recent Kia event. Before we strapped into the exhilarating Kia EV6, we were treated to a showcase of Kia’s complete electric vehicle lineup.

      Kia's Concept EV4 Electrifying Evolution

      Unfortunately, the EV9 was more about flaunting Kia’s new design language than letting us take the wheel of this three-row electric SUV behemoth. But don’t be disheartened, because the presence of the EV9 hinted at an exciting array of designs to come. Lo and behold, Kia has now announced the imminent arrival of the production model Kia EV5, kickstarting the brand’s inaugural Kia EV Day, flanked by two intriguing concept vehicles named the Kia Concept EV3 and Kia Concept EV4.

      Kia's Concept EV4 Electrifying Evolution

      The Kia EV5, an angular and boxy all-electric crossover SUV, painted in a light metallic blue finish, stands poised against a captivating blue and shadowed gradient backdrop. This vehicle is the compact sibling to the three-row EV9, which made its debut on Kia EV Day.

      Kia's Concept EV4 Electrifying Evolution interior

      The EV5 has been on our radar for a while, offering a glimpse into the future of electric vehicles, with production plans targeting the Chinese market. What really piques our interest, though, are the two novel concept vehicles, signaling Kia’s departure from its budget-conscious image and steering towards a fully electrified future that’s set to challenge the premium segment.

      Take, for instance, the Kia Concept EV4. Its sleek profile and softly sculpted waistline convey a sense of speed akin to the sporty EV6. It’s as if Kia has taken the EV6’s sinewy styling, dialed it back a notch, and emphasized the front bumper, resulting in a sophisticated and futuristic silhouette that’s simply captivating.

      And let’s not forget the futuristic three-spoke triangular wheels on the Kia Concept EV4, which add a touch of avant-garde style to the mix.

      But the real innovation takes place inside the cabins of the EV4 and EV3, showcasing Kia’s commitment to integrating bio-sourced and sustainable materials to reduce environmental impact and long-term costs. Kia’s Color, Materials, Finish (CMF) team has gone the extra mile by incorporating natural dyes from madder roots and walnut shells, and employing 100% recycled cotton to create a serene, nature-inspired interior that feels like a comfortable living room.

      Kia's Electrifying Evolution

      Inside, both vehicles take the organic theme a step further. The Concept EV3 features a console table with a soft surface made from mushrooms grown from mycelium. This sustainable material is not molded but grown to create an “extremely soft surface” that offers both durability and comfort. It’s a glimpse into the future of sustainable automotive design.

      Kia's Concept EV4 Electrifying Evolution  interior

      While mycelium-sourced materials show immense promise, scaling up their growth and integration into global automotive manufacturing is a challenge still in the works. Nevertheless, the Concept EV4 impresses with its console table woven from hemp fibers, an already scalable and sustainable material. Kia’s dedication to eco-friendly materials extends to using Bio Polyurethane (PU) as a leather substitute and incorporating car carpets partially made from 100% recycled PET sourced from discarded fishing lines.

      In conclusion, the electrification wave has allowed brands like Kia to break free from their budget-friendly past. The EV9 was merely a tantalizing appetizer, setting the stage for a multi-course feast of electrifying designs. Kia is poised to evolve from a budget brand to a formidable contender in the premium electric vehicle segment. Stay tuned for the electrifying journey that lies ahead with Kia’s innovative and sustainable approach to electric mobility.

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