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      Observe the things you are naturally drawn to as they are often connected with your path, passion and purpose in life. Starting a side hustle and trying to earn some extra income is not an easy task. You could google side hustles and just pick one. There is so much information out there and so many people showing ways to earn a quick buck. There is also so much confusion.

      There are videos about everything these days, property, course sales, coaching, car rental businesses, car washes, clothing and more. These ways work for some people, and they have put in so much hard work to achieve the success. If your looking for a quick buck, you won’t get it with a half assed attempt. You could start any one of these but if there is no real passion, no real want to do it other than earning money, it won’t be successful.

      You need to find your passion, find what you’re good at. Try loads of different things to find it. Starting with no money and having money the only goal, makes you tunnel visioned, you don’t see the big picture, you can’t succeed until you really want to help and make a difference.

      Finding a passion can vary in difficulty from person to person. For some people, a passion may come naturally and be evident early in life, while for others, it may take more time and exploration to discover.


      Factors that can influence the difficulty of finding a passion:

      Self-awareness: Understanding yourself, your interests, and your values is an essential aspect of finding a passion. Some people have a strong sense of self-awareness and can easily identify their likes and dislikes, which can make it easier to discover a passion. Others may need to spend more time reflecting on their experiences, trying out different activities, and gaining a deeper understanding of themselves.

      Exposure and exploration: Exposure to a wide range of activities, hobbies, and experiences can significantly impact the discovery of a passion. The more opportunities you have to try new things, the higher the chances of stumbling upon something that truly resonates with you. Exploring various fields, engaging in different activities, and being open to new experiences can help uncover hidden interests and passions.

      Persistence and patience: Finding a passion is not always an instantaneous process. It often requires persistence and patience. It’s important to keep an open mind, be willing to explore different avenues, and give yourself the time and space to experiment. Trying new things, even if they don’t immediately ignite a passion, can still provide valuable insights and help you narrow down your interests. Patience is the most important factor. Keep going, keep consistent but have the patience. It is hard.

      Overcoming fear and uncertainty: Fear of failure or the unknown can sometimes hinder the exploration of passions. It’s important to embrace a growth mindset and be willing to take risks. Trying something new can be intimidating, but it can also lead to exciting discoveries and unexpected passions. Overcoming fear and uncertainty can be challenging but can ultimately open doors to new and fulfilling experiences.

      Aligning passion with purpose: Finding a passion is not only about personal enjoyment but also about aligning it with your values and sense of purpose. Reflecting on what matters to you and how you can make a meaningful impact in the world can help guide you towards passions that provide a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

      Remember that finding a passion is a personal journey, and there is no set timeline or formula for discovering it. It may take time, exploration, and self-reflection, but the process itself can be rewarding and lead to a more fulfilling life.

      Many successful people started side hustles and found their wealth in their industries. Like designers who started their own design agencies but offered design on a subscription basis. UI / UX designers who founded design software that fixed designer pain points.


      For a side hustle you need:

      Time and commitment: Side hustles require an investment of time and effort. Depending on the nature of the side hustle, you may need to allocate significant hours outside of your regular job or commitments. Balancing your main job, personal life, and side hustle can be demanding, so it’s important to assess how much time you can realistically dedicate to it.

      Skills and expertise: Your existing skills and expertise can play a role in determining the difficulty of making income from a side hustle. If your side hustle leverages skills you already possess, such as graphic design, writing, coding, or tutoring, it may be easier to get started and generate income. If you need to learn new skills or gain experience in a specific area, it may take more time and effort to establish yourself and attract clients or customers.

      Market demand: The demand for the product or service you offer in your side hustle can impact its income potential. Researching the market and understanding the needs and preferences of potential customers or clients is crucial. If there is a strong demand for what you’re offering, it can be easier to generate income. If the market is saturated or the demand is low, it may be more challenging to make a substantial income.

      Competition and differentiation: Depending on the type of side hustle you pursue, there may be varying levels of competition. Assessing the competitive landscape and identifying ways to differentiate yourself can impact your income potential. Finding a unique selling point or targeting a specific niche can help you stand out and attract customers or clients.

      Networking and marketing: Building a customer base or finding clients is often an important aspect of a successful side hustle. Networking and marketing skills can significantly influence your ability to attract customers or clients. Effective promotion through social media (Get on TikTok – the organic reach is insane), word-of-mouth referrals, or other marketing channels can help increase your visibility and generate income. Developing your networking and marketing skills may require additional effort and learning. Pick a social network or 2 and stick to them. TikTok and Twitter are great. You can schedule your tweets in advance.

      Financial considerations: Some side hustles may require upfront financial investments, such as purchasing equipment, supplies, or inventory. The initial investment and ongoing expenses should be factored into your financial planning. It’s important to understand the potential return on investment and whether the income generated from the side hustle will outweigh the costs.

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