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    Whether you’re traversing treacherous terrain or cruising down the cycle paths, the Heybike Brawn is here to deliver the goods.

    The Heybike Brawn, available at the cool price of $1,600 directly from Heybike, is a versatile e-bike that covers all the bases. It’s your ticket to long countryside jaunts on well-paved roads, exhilarating forays into rugged forest trails, and quick 15-minute dashes to your neighborhood store on tricky byways. In essence, it’s the Swiss Army knife of e-bikes.

    Heybike Brawn: The Swiss Army Knife of E-Bikes

    First impressions matter, and the Brawn certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department. The bike’s battery is cleverly integrated within its frame, shielding it from the elements and potential thieves. This also gives the Brawn a sleek and inconspicuous appearance. Despite being noticeably larger than your average bicycle, it doesn’t incessantly scream “I’m an e-bike.”

    Assembling the Brawn is a piece of cake, especially if you’ve ever put a bicycle together. Affix the wheels, pedals, and handlebars – it’s as straightforward as that. Bear in mind, though, this e-bike is no featherweight at 73 pounds, so don’t hesitate to enlist some assistance when it’s time to flip it over and tighten those wheels. Nonetheless, the assembly process is a breeze, and you’ll be riding within half an hour.

    The Brawn is classified as a class 3 e-bike, boasting a top speed of 28 mph. We managed to squeeze out a few extra clicks while cruising downhill, but 28 mph is plenty for most journeys. Heybike claims a maximum range of 65 miles with pedal assist, but real-world conditions tend to bring that figure closer to 50 miles. Nevertheless, it’s a respectable range, though it may fluctuate based on elevation changes and the level of exertion you’re willing to put in. Heybike sweetens the deal with a fast charger that can recharge an empty battery in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

    Heybike Brawn: The Swiss Army Knife of E-Bikes

    You can find yourselves toggling between PAS level 3 and the throttle for practical commuting and PAS level 2 for leisurely rides. PAS level 2 provided an average of 46 miles on a single charge, whereas PAS 3 and the throttle brought it down to around 38 miles. While not setting records, these figures are entirely serviceable for local errands. Both the app and the onboard computer provided a precise estimate of the remaining battery life, adjusting the numbers when switching to full-throttle mode.

    The Heybike app, while not exactly groundbreaking, gets the job done efficiently. The mere fact that it exists is a significant win in itself. It allows you to track your rides, providing a running tally of your ride time, distance covered, and the number of trips you’ve taken. It also features a proximity locking system that deactivates the bike when you step away, adding an extra layer of security. On occasion, it can be a tad overzealous, shutting down when you dismount to check your gears, but for theft protection, it’s a nifty feature.

    While the thumb throttle might not be everyone’s cup of tea (some prefer the twist grip), its instant responsiveness cannot be denied. When you’re idling at a traffic light, the rapid acceleration makes intersection traversal a breeze. Pedaling introduces a slight delay, which might take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve mastered the rhythm, the ride becomes smooth and comfortable, particularly on well-paved surfaces.

    Heybike Brawn: The Swiss Army Knife of E-Bikes

    Venturing off the beaten path was an absolute delight. It’s worth noting that some rear suspension would have been appreciated, but the front suspension handled bumps and tree roots like a champ. The incongruity between a cushy front and a rugged rear can be a bit disconcerting, but the Brawn’s beefy tires help mitigate the disparity. One standout feature is the hydraulic dropper seat, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your riding position for any terrain without dismounting. It’s a time-saver and a cool addition, making the transition from road to trail a breeze and accommodating multiple riders with ease.

    In sum, the Heybike Brawn left a favorable impression. Its 750-watt hub motor feels punchy and eager, consistently offering that extra oomph when needed. Even the headlamp goes beyond the call of duty, adjusting its brightness as nightfall descends. These thoughtful touches offset some of the less-than-ideal features, like the absence of a more advanced suspension system, which would have been ideal for off-road enthusiasts. Nevertheless, within its limitations, the Brawn acquitted itself admirably, tackling all challenges with aplomb. Whether you’re a city slicker or a countryside explorer, this Heybike is worth a gander.

    Heybike Brawn’s specifications:

    • Tire size: 26×4 inches
    • Motor: 750-watt brushless hub
    • Torque: Unknown
    • Battery size: 18 Ah
    • Max speed: 28 mph
    • Factory max mileage: 65 miles with pedal assist
    • Gear type: 7-speed Shimano
    • App enabled: Yes
    • USB-A out: No
    • Brakes: Hydraulic disc
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