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      Ladies and gentlemen, rev up your engines because Citroën, the iconic French automaker, is about to send shockwaves through Europe’s motorhome scene with their latest revelation: the Type Holidays concept, inspired by none other than the legendary Type H. This isn’t just another entry into the camper van arena; it’s a bold leap from Citroën, currently sitting pretty as the second-largest supplier of motorhome-based vehicles in Europe, and they’re here to set the continent on fire with their Type Holiday camper van.

      Citroën: The Reinvented Camper Van

      The Type Holidays is a form of respect to the iconic Type H, a vehicle that dared to defy conventional travel norms. Built on the versatile Citroën SpaceTourer, this masterpiece serves up a smorgasbord of comfort and ingenious features that’ll make even the most discerning wanderers grin from ear to ear. This mobile marvel boasts a pop-up roof, ideal for those moments when you need to stretch your legs and stand tall. When it’s time to call it a day, the seating magically transforms into a spacious bed, comfortably housing two for a night of stargazing and dreams.

      Citroën: The Reinvented Camper Van

      Who’s behind this masterpiece? Well, it’s none other than Citroën, folks. But they’ve teamed up with the renowned Italian coachbuilder Caselani to craft a camper van that’s an ode to the classic Type H. From the outside, it’s got that retro charm that’ll make heads turn. The teaser for the Type Holidays is like a marriage of heritage and modernity, decked out in a unique shade of grey, a subtle nod to the Type H’s legacy.

      citroen type h

      Citroën: The Reinvented Camper Van

      Now, we won’t dazzle you with fancy exteriors, but step inside this Type Holidays, and you’ll be bedazzled by the versatility and innovative design for your new nomadic lifestyle. Picture this: a two-row bench that moonlights as a bed when the stars come out. And if you’re feeling like a bit of spring cleaning on the road, just pop that bench out, and voilà, you’ve got extra storage space for all your adventure essentials. There’s a fold-down table that sets the stage for cozy dining or catching up on work while you’re on the move. And don’t even get us started on the cupboards; they’re like the neat freak’s dream come true.

      Citroën: The Reinvented Camper Van type H

      But that’s not all! The Type Holidays goes the extra mile to make sure you’re living your best life on the road. Those front seats? They swivel around to face the living area, ensuring no moment of your journey is wasted. And when it comes to keeping things toasty, this van home boasts a heating system that’ll have you snug as a bug, no matter where your wanderlust takes you. Plus, you’ve got a full-fledged kitchenette on board, complete with a cooking area, sink, and fridge. Whip up gourmet meals or just rustle up a quick snack; the choice is yours.

      citroen type h camper van

      Citroën type h

      In essence, Citroën’s Type Holidays isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a testament to innovation, comfort, and the undying spirit of exploration in today’s van life. So, if you’re itching to embark on a memorable journey, perhaps to a site where you can hook up the camper van for some utilities, the Type Holidays promises a level of freedom and style that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear. Buckle up, folks; the road’s calling, and it’s going to be a wild ride!

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