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      In a delightful homage to the legendary Picasso, one LEGO enthusiast has embarked on a creative journey that reimagines the Cubist painting style through a novel medium – colorful plastic bricks. The result? A breathtaking reinterpretation of Picasso’s iconic “Portrait of a Woman in a Hat,” where brushes yield to bricks and innovation knows no bounds.

      Built with Lego - Picasso's Portrait of a Woman in a Hat

      Pablo Picasso’s enduring influence on the world of art, spanning painting, sculpture, design, and architecture, remains indelible. While opinions on his character may be divided, his status as an artistic luminary has only solidified with time. Picasso’s mastery defied convention, boldly eschewing the established rules of composition, perspective, and traditional visual representation. “Portrait of a Woman in a Hat” stands as a testament to his brilliance, effortlessly melding simplicity with intricacy to capture the girl’s essence, the play of light, and the scene’s uplifting ambiance. In this masterpiece, Picasso’s artistic prowess melds cubism and expressionism in a way that only he could execute with such finesse. But then, enter the humble LEGO brick.

      Built with Lego - Picasso's Portrait of a Woman in a Hat

      Conceived by the talented LEGO aficionado known as Mecesoo, this brick-based homage encapsulates the very essence of Picasso’s brushstrokes using vibrant plastic bricks. An astonishing 1,070 bricks, meticulously assembled with no errant pieces, approximate the original painting’s size with remarkable accuracy, elevating it to the realm of a brilliant replica.

      Mecesoo’s ingenuity shines as they deftly employ a medley of LEGO bricks to mirror the authenticity the masterpiece deserves. From the lively eyes and delicate eyelashes to the flushed cheeks, colorful tresses, and even the vibrant outdoor hat adorning the subject, no detail is left unattended.

      Built with Lego - Picasso's Portrait of a Woman in a Hat close up

      But that’s not all. This remarkable LEGO tribute includes a minifigure of Picasso himself, posed with an easel bearing his canvas, and adorned with two iconic Picasso quotes, alongside the artist’s unmistakable signature. “When creating the Picasso minifigure, I drew inspiration from vintage photographs of his studio,” Mecesoo shared. “Naturally, I had to include his famous striped shirt and checkered trousers, which I stumbled upon in my research.”

      Lego - Picasso's Portrait of a Woman in a Hat

      Mecesoo’s fan-crafted creation currently graces the LEGO Ideas public leaderboard, where it garners support from fellow LEGO enthusiasts. If it garners the coveted 10,000 votes, LEGO’s review team will transform it into a collectible box-set, allowing art aficionados and LEGO enthusiasts alike to bring this unique tribute to Picasso’s genius into their own homes.

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