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      In the avant-garde world of culinary innovation, where gastronomy meets technology, a Vienna-based food startup named Revo Foods is making waves. Their latest creation, christened ‘THE FILET,’ is not your ordinary salmon; it’s a 3D-printed marvel, an epitome of vegan seafood, packed with a nutritious punch that would tantalize even the most discerning palate.

      revo foods 3d-printed salmon vegan fish

      What sets ‘THE FILET’ apart is the secret ingredient: mycoprotein, meticulously crafted from filamentous fungi. This fungi-derived foundation forms the cornerstone of Revo Food’s ambitious foray into the world of vegan fish fillets. Loaded with a treasure trove of multivitamins, including Omega-3, all 9 essential amino acids, and a repertoire of Vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, and D2, ‘THE FILET’ is nothing short of a nutritional powerhouse.

      revo foods 3d-printed salmon vegan fish filet packaging

      The heart of this culinary revolution lies in Revo Food’s proprietary extrusion technology. This groundbreaking approach allows their 3D printer to seamlessly integrate fats into a fibrous protein matrix, giving rise to ‘THE FILET’ and enabling a continuous production process that can churn out 3D-printed food on a mass scale.

      The choice of mycoprotein as the primary ingredient is not just a matter of taste but also practicality. Its natural meat-like texture requires minimal processing, making it an ideal candidate for this culinary venture. In a strategic collaboration, Revo Foods has joined forces with Mycorena, a Swedish startup renowned for its ‘Promyc’ protein base, meticulously engineered for the specific demands of 3D printing.

      revo foods 3d-printed salmon vegan fish filet

      Already, ‘THE FILET’ has graced the shelves of select BILLA supermarkets under the REWE group’s umbrella, one of Europe’s retail titans. Starting from October 1st, 2023, eager epicureans across Europe can savor this vegan delight by ordering it from Revo Foods’ online store.

      To conjure the 3D-printed salmon magic, Revo Foods employs food-grade syringes to hold the printing material. Layer by layer, the ingredients are gracefully deposited through a food-grade nozzle before giving birth to the filament-like matrix of the vegan fish fillet. The result is a salmon-inspired creation brimming with nutritional value, courtesy of mycoprotein.

      Revo Foods emphasizes that while 3D food printing is not entirely novel, its allure lies in its meticulous control, enabling the creation of products hitherto unimaginable, such as these delectable plant-based fish fillets.


      The driving force behind Revo Foods’ innovation is a solemn commitment to address the alarming state of our oceans. With up to 60 percent of global fish stocks perilously overfished and the fishing industry contributing significantly to oceanic plastic pollution, the team recognizes the urgency of change. They contend that the loss of marine biodiversity, coupled with the rampant degradation of coral reefs and the rising tide of toxins and microplastics, demands a radical shift.

      Enter vegan seafood, an alternative that not only seeks to meet burgeoning demand but also strives to replicate the authentic taste craved by flexitarians. Robin Simsa, the CEO of Revo Foods, states, “With the milestone of industrial-scale 3D food printing, we are entering a creative food revolution, an era where food is being crafted according to customer needs. We are not just creating a vegan alternative; we are shaping the future of food itself.”

      This remarkable technological feat by Revo Foods opens the door to a cornucopia of new vegan offerings, boasting the characteristic flakiness and succulent fibers reminiscent of conventional fish fillets. Beyond ‘THE FILET,’ the food startup tantalizes taste buds with other plant-based delicacies, including gravlax crafted from pea protein and smoked salmon infused with the essence of algae.

      In a world rife with culinary possibilities, Revo Foods stands as a beacon of sustainability, culinary creativity, and a delectable future where ethical choices don’t compromise taste. Welcome to the age of 3D-printed gastronomy, where innovation and environmental stewardship harmoniously share the plate.

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