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    Audi Q8 Interior

    Audi Q8 Interior Layout & Technology | Top Gear

    The Audi Q8 is a luxury SUV that features a stylish and high-tech interior with premium materials and advanced technology.

    • Virtual Cockpit: The instrument cluster is a fully digital display that can be customized to show various information, including navigation maps, music playlists, and vehicle settings.
    • MMI Touch Response: The infotainment system is controlled via two touchscreens, which replace the traditional buttons and knobs. The upper screen displays navigation, entertainment, and phone functions, while the lower screen controls climate and vehicle settings.
    • Comfortable Seating: The Q8 seats up to five passengers, and the seats are wrapped in leather and feature heating and ventilation. The front seats also have massage functionality.
    • Ambient Lighting: The interior can be illuminated with a choice of 30 colors, which can be adjusted to create a relaxing or energizing atmosphere.
    • Panoramic Sunroof: The panoramic sunroof lets in plenty of natural light and can be tilted or fully opened.
    • High-Quality Materials: Interior is finished with premium materials, such as leather, wood, and aluminum, to create a luxurious feel.
    • Bang & Olufsen Sound System: Comes standard with a 10-speaker sound system, and a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen system is available as an upgrade.